Thursday, February 15, 2007

So what is this fantastic trick to catch more fish you say? The first thing to do is stand back from the fishing and analyse your approach. Not just the way you walk up to the lakeside but everything you do throughout the session. Your lakeside manner is a good place to start, as many anglers stand at the edge of the lake, consistently hauling out a long line across the pool. How many fish patrolling the margins are spooked like this? Obviously this is not an exact science, but from my own experience when the adrenalin drives you to “get fishing” I know that I have spooked fish before putting the breaks on and taking a step back.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Fly Fishing in Alaska

Fly fishing in Alaska is unlike fishing anywhere in the lower 48 states. Nowhere else will you find such a high concentration of high quality, cold water streams and rivers that support such huge numbers of fish. Being fly fishermen, we generally practice catch-and-release religiously for trout. Fly fishing in Alaska is no different. Please practice catch-and-release. The salmon species are viewed a little differently, though. Many fly fishermen will take their limit of salmon primarily because there is such a vast number of these fish that return to their native streams each year that their numbers are not threatened by the fishing kill each year. In fact, this is managed so closely and so well by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game that it is encouraged by them, especially for pink salmon in the even numbered years (because there are so many of them). Whatever your choice, please make sure you visit the Alaska Fishing Regulations website and familiarize yourself with the area you plan to fish.

Before we move on, I just have to tell you about some awesome, quality, discount flies that I've found. I'm usually not one to get all excited about something but I'm making an exception here. I found an online store that sells top quality discount flies. At this point you may be saying, "So what?" Well, let me tell you, that's not as easy as it sounds. There are a lot of places out there selling discount flies of subpar quality (which is hard to judge when buying online). I've used this particular company for over 2 years now for some of the dry fly patterns I haven't learned to tie yet. I've told all of my fly fishing friends and trout club members about this site and many have joined me in singing their praises. They are hands down the best all-around website for discount flies in terms of quality, price, easy ordering and fast shipping. I was able to find a site with less expensive flies but it just couldn't provide me with the quality experience that I get each time I visit Blue Fly Cafe. So do yourself a favor and visit Blue Fly Cafe for your next discount flies purchase. You'll be glad you did.

If you are planning to fish for various species, I recommend bringing two rods with you. My recommendations would include a nine foot, six-weight rod for smaller trout streams and a nine foot, 8 weight rod for the larger salmon streams. If you are an avid fly fisherman and have other specific goals in mind while fly fishing in Alaska and want to use a smaller or larger rod, by all means, do it. For instance, if you are hunting the mighty kings, you’ll want to bring along a 10-weight rod to have a fighting chance of landing one of these monsters.

As with fly fishing in the lower 48, if you will be pursuing the smaller trout, dolly varden, grayling, etc. a high-priced, quality reel isn’t quite as important. If you are going after the larger rainbows, steelhead or any of the salmon species, you’ll want to make sure you equip your rod with a good quality reel with a strong but smooth drag system that will be able to stand up to the rigors of a fighting silver or king salmon. Carry along a spare spool already filled with a different weight line so you can easily swap spools and be fishing in a matter of minutes. And don’t forget to fill your reels with the appropriate weight of backing. When a hooked salmon makes its life saving attempt to free itself, you’ll want to make sure you don’t run out of line prematurely.

Fly fishing in Alaska is becoming more and more popular, especially for king salmon. As word of mouth spreads, fly fishing in Alaska will continue to become increasingly more popular. That’s ok. It’s a huge state and quite capable of handling additional fishing pressure. Enjoy your time fly fishing in Alaska and respect and care for the environment like you would your own home.

Now we’ll walk through each species and talk a little about technique and the flies you’ll want to use while fly fishing in Alaska. Click on the links below to learn more about the particular species you're interested in.

Fly Fishing for King Salmon (chinook salmon)
Fly Fishing for Sockeye Salmon (red salmon)
Fly Fishing for Coho Salmon (silver salmon)
Fly Fishing for Pink Salmon (humpies)
Fly Fishing for Rainbow Trout

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Fly Fish like the birds

Check this out :

Fly Fish Like the Birds

Aquatic birds and fish are closely linked. Wading birds, such as herons, feed on small baitfish. A concentration of wading birds on a shoreline or flat confirms the presence of baitfish in the area and suggests that larger predators can be found near by.

Fly fishermen can learn a lot from wading birds. Great blue herons are my favorite avian mentors. Wading around on stilt legs, herons take a step and pause, eyeing the surrounding waters intensely. Only when satisfied they haven’t missed anything do they take another step. These majestic birds use the sun to their advantage and crouch low to the water, minimizing their silhouette, when timely. They are patient and will stand in one area for extended periods. Occasionally they tilt their head to the side and peer at their target from a different perspective. All meals are snatched within the diameter of an outstretched neck. Now that is stealthy!

Juvenile herons are fun to watch and provide quite a bit of comic relief. Young-of-the-year learn successful tactics through trial and error and quite often impatient youngsters can be seen stepping quickly in one direction, only to reverse their course moments later, wings extended as if to shoo the escaping baitfish. Their plodding steps through the shallows ends up scaring everything in sight.

Stop and study a great blue heron as he catches his next meal the next time you are on the water. Then ask yourself: Are you more like the adult heron or the yearling when it comes to stealth? Emulating an adult great blue heron will make you a better angler.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Good Fly Presentation
Obviously, the goal when casting a fly is to present the fly to the fish in a
realistic manner. You are trying to simulate nature here. If you are going for trout
in a stream, for instance, this means a drag-free float of 36 inches over a precise
spot that marks the window of a feeding fish.
Also remember that the Evening Secret will swarm fish to your spot consistantly,
and help you catch more fish.
Never randomly cast – you have got to pick a spot and hit it.
Throw tight loops that put the fly on target. One important method that
can be used is to overcast the target and stop the line short while it is in the air.
The fly should come back to you and fall on the water with slack in the leader.
The best trout fishermen fish with only 30 to 35 feet of line, but make up
for this with accurate casting. They read waters will and put the fly in the
p ay zone time after time. One of the most important thins they do is to
recognize that presentation and approach are much more important than
It is different for bass. Whether a surface bug or a streamer,
the offering must move past a spot where a bass is apt to hold.
As the boat drifts, it is important to pick a precise time to shoot a cast to
the target. Too soon or too late, and the fly won’t be in the right spot.
This is where the double haul form of casting becomes essential.
It generates line speed and enables the caster to pick 30 or 40 feet of line
off the water and shoot another without false casting.
When bassing, make your presentation, retrieve 10 to 20 feet, pick up,
and cast again without the need to false cast. After each one, drop the
rod type and keep the butt of the rod near your belt buckle with the
tip-top of the rod pointing at the line. A simple lift will let you execute
the next pickup or strike a fish.
Leader Connection
If you are a fly caster, you know that a smooth connection between
the leader and fly line is important in presentation. The best way to do
this is to nail-knot a six-inch piece of 25-30 pound leader material to
the end of the fly line. A loop like those found on snelled hooks is then
tied into the opposite end. The connecting leader must also have a loop.
Connecting the leader itself is done by passing the loop attached to the
fly line through the loop on the leader; reaching through the fly line loop.
Next, grab the butt section of the leader and pull the leader up through
until the tippet passes the loop. Last, just pull the loops together by
tugging on the fly line and the butt section in opposite directions.
If you are every in a situation where see large brown trout in open water
and hold, your best bet is to use a No. 12 Cinnamon Ant and sink it.
If this doesn’t work, move to the No.16 Adams fly. Still nothing?
Switch to the No. 20 Black Ant. Last-ditch effort would be to use a
3X tippet and use a No. 6 nymph or streamer.
Typically the bigger trout will leave small morsels to the small guys,
preferring the bigger bites that are easy to get. They are very
economical feeders.
High Rider Dry Fly’s
If your best dry-fly patterns are failing you, it may be time to switch
to spiders and variants. Many times a spider or variant will bring trout
to the surface, then you can switch back to a conventional dry fly.
These spiders and variants will delicately drop to the water, usually
somersaulting or jumping after touching it. Fish find this very alluring.
High riding is another attribute of these flies. When tied properly,
their hackles support the hook above the water’s surface, thus
imitating a natural fly much more closely than the ordinary fly does.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

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